Hi there! I'm Jasmine, a graphic design student at NC State University.

I was that kid that enjoyed creating art and playing video games (actually, I still enjoy doing both of those things!). There was just something fascinating about exploring the complex worlds created in art and games. When I got to high school and had to begin thinking about my career, I realized that I couldn't imagine a future without my two favorite hobbies. Thus, I applied to NC State's Graphic Design program because it sounded like I would learn to design games. It turned out not to be exactly what I was expecting, but the field of graphic design managed to captivate me. I then took interest in designing interactions and experiences for others.

So - I still like art and games. But currently, most of my studies revolve around user experience design, interaction design, and coding. My non-design-related hobbies include learning Cantonese and Mandarin, reading, and cooking, but they still find their way into my design work somehow. :)

Now, how to design less frustrating experiences with printers...?

- Click here for my CV/résumé -